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  • Guy Fieri Can’t Get Enough of Phoenix’s Fry Bread House!
    In the sunny city of Phoenix, Arizona, a culinary treasure named the Fry Bread House has been satisfying the palates of locals and visitors alike with its traditional Native American fare. This humble eatery, honored with a James Beard award in 2012, is a testament to the rich and often underrepresented Native American culture. Guy Fieri stopped … Read more
  • Guy Fieri Finds Pasta Perfection in Baltimore: This Diner Does Seafood Right!
    In the heart of Baltimore, culinary enthusiasts and foodie voyagers alike are discovering a gem that’s serving up a feast fit for royalty. The Broadway Diner, a family-owned establishment, is captivating patrons with its homemade offerings that span the globe from its shiny, inviting setup. In this episode of “Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives,” host Guy … Read more
  • The Best Cheese Pull in Connecticut? Guy Fieri Visits Grite Street Pizza on Triple D!
    As I watched the latest episode of “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives,” I couldn’t help but be drawn into the culinary world of Grite Street Pizza, a Connecticut gem that Guy Fieri and Christian Petroni stumbled upon. In this memorable visit, the dynamic duo indulged in some of the best pizzas that Connecticut has to offer, … Read more
  • Taste Like Shoe Leather? Not These Gizzards! Guy Can’t Get Enough
    If you relish exploring unique culinary experiences, you’ll find yourself right at home at Joe’s Gizzard City in Potterville, Michigan. This one-of-a-kind restaurant specializes in a dish not commonly found on your everyday menu: chicken gizzards. In the episode, Guy takes us behind the scenes to show us exactly why Joe’s Gizzard City is the … Read more
  • Feasting Through Minnesota: The Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives Hotspots You Can’t Miss!
    Double-Fried Chicken Sandwich Sol Avenue Kitchen in Moorhead, Minnesota, is a hot spot for food enthusiasts, especially those seeking a twist on street food. Their Double-Fried Chicken Sandwich stands out as a crunchy, flavorful creation that captures global flavors in a Midwestern style. The boneless chicken thighs undergo a marinating process before being double-fried, ensuring … Read more
  • Guy Fieri Gets Fancy with ‘Fancy Funky’ Duck Fries in Toronto!
    In the heart of Toronto, on the stretch of what is claimed to be the world’s longest street, Yonge Street, lies a culinary gem that has been serving locals and travelers alike since 1939. This spot is none other than the Rosedale Diner, a place where tradition meets creativity. In an episode of the popular … Read more

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